MEGT wants its staff to be safe

MEGT wants its staff to be safe

  • Published on Friday 31 October, 2014
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MEGT Safety Week

Apprentice and training organisation MEGT has hundreds of apprentices working on sites across Australia every day in potentially hazardous conditions. The safety of these young people is not negotiable.

On Friday 31st October, at the culmination of national Safety Month, they held a unique safety expo for their apprentices, their staff and the employers on whose sites the apprentices are working.

“In all the years I’ve worked in Work Health and Safety,” explains Melanie Davis, MEGT’s National Health, Safety and Environment Manager, “I’ve never had the opportunity to pull together something as innovative as this expo for our own staff and customers.

“We are particularly concerned about the welfare of young people who may be shy about double checking how to use equipment safely or asking again how to carry out a task without injuring themselves.

“We don’t want them to think that asking twice is a sign of lack of maturity. We want them to know it is more mature, more highly regarded, if they take the initiative to ask again about safe operating procedures and have the courage to say no if asked to do something they believe is unsafe.”

Guest speakers from Beyond Blue, Vic WorkCover Authority, Fire Safety Australia, St Johns and a large range of safety equipment service providers also showcased their equipment, products and services at the free expo at the MEGT Trade Skills Centre in Ringwood.

The morning started at 7am with talks about mental health, drugs and alcohol and hearing conservation and combined with free hearing tests, electrical test and tags, first aid demonstrations, financial services education, massages and giveaways and of course, the obligatory barbecue breakfast.
Lucky door prizes were kindly provided by Total Tools, Bosch and St Johns. Bendigo Bank generously donated a defibrillator to MEGT’s Trade Skills Centre.