Get to know our team – Heidi, Cairns

Get to know our team – Heidi, Cairns

  • Published on Thursday 22 September, 2016
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At MEGT, we’re proud of the personalised service our local staff can provide – staff just like Heidi Turner, our Field Officer from Cairns, Queensland.

As a Field Officer, Heidi’s role is varied and involves a combination of business development, recruitment and mentoring for employers, apprentices, and trainees to assist the apprentice or trainee to complete their qualification.

Heidi also manages a caseload of apprentices and trainees; scheduling regular visits to their workplaces to monitor progress, provide motivation and advice, and resolve any day-to-day challenges that may arise including discussions around work health and safety and safe working practices.

How long have you worked for MEGT?

I’ve been with MEGT for 13 months now.

What are three words that best describe your experience at MEGT this year?

Dynamic, educational, motivational!

What are your aspirations for the remainder of 2016?

I hope to increase my caseload, including finding new Host Employers and expanding the range of industries we work with.

What trends have you seen in your field?

I’m pleased to see that employment in Cairns is on the rise – and thank goodness as in June 2016, Cairns had an extremely high youth unemployment rate of 26.6%! (Source).

I’m also seeing employers start to move away from hiring only males or juniors in trade roles, which means everyone is becoming more aware and supportive of equal opportunity and diversity.

What has impressed you so far this year?

MEGT is the most supportive company I have worked for in relation to employee higher education. They have encouraged me to undertake Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety along with the Emerging Leaders program I was accepted into by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce (Heidi was one of 12 who were accepted from over 50 applicants).

MEGT listens to staff, assists them to find and take up new opportunities, and creates a constructive and supportive environment for not only the business and our clients but for the staff too.

How would you compare MEGT to other recruiters of apprentices?

Due to being a national company we have a large support network and we can utilise a collective knowledge base. We have a great internal culture and we have a united front of recruiters and field officers and can leverage off each other’s history and knowledge, to better tailor our services to each client.

What do you particularly look for when you’re recruiting apprentices and trainees?

Attitude and culture fit. Cairns has a small town feel in a growing economy. Each Host employer requires someone to not only complete specific tasks but also someone who is able to fit with their team culture.

When I am working with a new client, I will always introduce myself to the manager or supervisor as well as the team, and along with finding out what duties are required, I’ll also find out how the team works together. For example, if I was working with a restaurant, I would visit and have a meal and get a feel for the working environment. If I’m working with a real estate agent, I’ll visit the office and go to an open house, and have a chat with any staff available.

The most important end goal for me is customer satisfaction and longevity – being able to find the right apprentice or trainee who will stay with the business and complete their training.

What challenges does MEGT face when catering to the employment needs of different employers?

Challenges usually come with a change of business direction or client circumstance. We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their needs, and we ensure site visits are completed regularly to manage change, the emotions that might come with this change, and adjust our way of working to cater to the business needs.