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Can we help you with your apprenticeship?

There are lots of challenges life is presenting
you right now and we’re here to help you with your apprenticeship.

We may be able to offer you mentoring* support or just have a chat to help you work through things – at no charge.

If you are employed by MEGT, you have access to confidential Employee Assist services and can get personal support from your MEGT Field Officer.

If you are not employed by MEGT, the MEGT Consultant that helped you sign your Training Contract can talk through the systems and processes with you to make sure everything makes sense – and will help you receive any government financial support for which you are eligible.

But you might want more help. And if you are training for a National Skills Needs qualification (generally a traditional trade), our Mentors may be able to give you a hand.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network 


Why mentoring?

Our aim is to support and partner you so you can stay on track with your Australian Apprenticeship.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


Who is eligible?

Mentoring support is available to apprentices who:

  • are aged 16–19 years (inclusive); except Victoria - 16-25 years (inclusive)
  • don’t have assistance from anywhere else - for example, if you are employed by MEGT, we provide ALL our apprentices and trainees with mentoring assistance
  • are undertaking a qualification on the National Skills Needs List
  • are not employed by a Group Training Organisation such as MEGT
  • are registered through MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre
  • would benefit from contact with a Mentor.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


What support is provided?

The MEGT mentors are skilled and trained in assisting where appropriate and connecting you to specialist help if needed. It’s personal. It’s confidential.

The focus of support is to help you deal with issues that may be a contributing reason for you to stop your apprenticeship before you qualify. That includes helping your boss if that is appropriate.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


How do you get this mentoring assistance?

You can talk to your MEGT Consultant or your boss and they will connect you to a Mentor. The MEGT Mentor will contact you if you meet the criteria and together you will decide how you can best be assisted.

The program is capped at providing mentoring assistance to 3,000 Australian Apprentices across Australia.




MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre has been successful in securing Federal Government funding to provide support to Australian Apprentices through the Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Package until 30th June 2015.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


What happens?

  • A Mentor will meet you and your employer within three weeks of the Training Contract paperwork
    being completed or when the employer raises it with the MEGT Consultant.
  • The Mentor will undertake an assessment with you to determine the contact frequency required.
  • Besides regular contact with you, the Mentor may refer you to external partnering organisations
    for additional support where required.
  • You may access additional support at any stage of the program should an issue arise whilst you
    are progressing through your Australian Apprenticeship.
  • The Mentor will provide tailored support for you including face-to-face visits, telephone contact and
    we can even keep in touch by Facebook (closed and private group).
  • You can opt out of the program at any time.
  • If you are under 18 your parent/guardian will be contacted to let them know that the program is available.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network



MEGT is bound by the Privacy Act of 1988, which sets out guidelines for the protection of an individual’s privacy. Your privacy is maintained including any Facebook social networking conversations.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


Cost to you

There is no cost to you or your employer as the Mentoring project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Package.

Contact MEGT to discuss how we may be of assistance.

13 MEGT (13 6348)
or email:



Australian Apprenticeships Centres will be changing from 1 July 2015 to Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks