How we can help

MEGT can help you meet immediate talent needs in your business and prepare a longer term plan to support your future business growth.

Let us explain the benefits of investing in staff training, young people in apprenticeships and traineeships and diversity.

We know from our experience the time you spend with us will yield great returns. Our experience and expertise includes workforce analysis and planning, coaching and mentoring and professional development.

Australia’s largest businesses, as well as many small to medium enterprises, employ apprentices and trainees to meet staffing demands.
The reasons are simple:

  • It provides immediate labour returns
  • It increases the skill level of the workforce long-term.

MEGT can provide information as to why these positions are key to your employment mix, and how on the job training can help build careers in your businesses.

There is more than one option

Apprentices and trainees can be employed directly by your business or hosted by your business as part of our Group Training program.

Direct Employment

If you decide to employ an Apprentice or Trainee directly, MEGT can assist in the recruiting and screening of candidates for you. You may also be interested in MEGT managing your payroll to save the hassle of wages, award rates and superannuation contributions.

Our Apprenticeship Network Provider will be able to assist with completing your Apprenticeship sign up and ongoing support services.

Group Training

MEGT’s Group Training Organisation employs and manages apprentices and trainees and places them with host employers whom they work with and receive on the job training.

MEGT are the industry leaders in quality Group Training and we currently employ over 900 group trained apprentices and trainees across Australia.

Interested in hiring an apprentice or trainee?

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