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Training and recognition of skills already achieved can be a strong motivator for employees. Training may help performance and extend your skills base, allowing a business to be more competitive and flexible. We can assist in determining training needs and how these align with business objectives.

MEGT Education is the training arm of MEGT (Australia) Ltd and has over 27 years commitment to developing and supporting vocational education and training at certificate and diploma levels. MEGT Institute is a Registered Training Organisation and offers students and employers a number of options to invest in their future.

Students may study at one of our campuses or in the workplace and some courses are available online. We have VET FEE-HELP for some of our courses to make it easier for students to acquire skills now and repay their student loans when they have reached the earning threshold.

Businesses are able to train their employees either on-the-job or in a classroom facility – and online for some courses.

Besides training that is nationally accredited and recognised across Australia, we can also provide tailored inhouse training, short courses or even specially tailored units to address specific employee development needs.

A variety of training methods and learning support resources are available: such as workplace coaching, workbooks, team sessions, portfolios and mentoring. This makes the learning experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Our trainers have extensive industry experience, hold formal industry qualifications and up-to-date vocational training qualifications.

MEGT (Australia) Ltd supports an inclusive workplace where gender, age, culture, disability and lifestyle choice are valued. Our access and equity policy fosters and promotes an inclusive learning environment for all.

ABILITY English provides English language training for people from non English speaking backgrounds.

About MEGT Institute

Specialist provider of job training programs.

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Short courses

Customised courses to advance personal skills.

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Child care courses

Nationally accredited, high quality, trusted training.

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Workplace training

MEGT Institute is a leading provider of flexible on-the-job training in our clients’ workplaces for a range of industries across most of Australia.

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