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Recruitment Management Services takes the hassle out of Recruiting Staff, Managing apprentices and trainees and provide support services such as payroll and mentoring.
Our services are fast, flexible and responsive. We offer a no-obligation employer assessment to understand your needs and where we can assist with short term staffing requirements and longer term workforce planning. We know from experience many employers want to know more about:

  • How they can find flexible, motivated staff that are willing to learn
  • How MEGT can find loyal apprentices who are looking for a career
  • How investment in Apprenticeships is supporting their industry and future business
  • How they can save time using MEGT to manage the training, administration and payroll of apprentices and trainees
  • How education, training and development can provide a return on investment.

From no frills job listings to full service recruitment we have the right solution to meet your staffing needs.  What’s more, our experience extends beyond the average recruitment service – our expertise in recruiting, screening and on-boarding Apprentices and Trainees will set your business up for success.

MEGT can manage the entire payroll process for your apprentices. Simply register below and we can calculate, process and pay your apprentices wages and send you a single invoice each week.

You’ll no longer have to worry about award rates, superannuation contributions, taxation rates or managing bank deposits. The only fee you’ll pay is $25 per timesheet each week (plus GST).

MEGT is a registered Group Training Organisation which means we employ apprentices and trainees and place them with host employers under an agreement to enable them to attain the on-the-job training in their selected field.

Hosting staff through our Group Training program provides your business security in reducing the risk of directly employing Apprentices and Trainees. We remain the legal employer of the Apprentice and Trainee for the duration of their contract and therefore remain responsible for all the associated employment conditions.

We also ensure the apprentice or trainee is receiving the right training via their Registered Training Organisation.
We currently have over 900 Apprentices and Trainees employed in our Group Training program across Australia in over 33 different industries.
These industry categories include but are not limited to:

  • Automotive,
  • Building and Construction,
  • Business Services,
  • Engineering,
  • Horticulture, Services,
  • Transport and Logistics.

For more information call 13 6963.

Industry sectors covered

MEGT’s Recruitment & Management Service operates across Australia.

We provide apprentices and trainees in a large number of other work situations as well. If you are in need of an apprentice or trainee in a different industry sector, please contact us and we will try to assist you.

Automotive Building & construction Business services Engineering Horticulture Services Transport & logistics
Light vehicle Cabinetmaking Administration Electrical Arboriculture Asset management Furniture removal
Heavy vehicle Carpentry Finance Fitting & machining Floristry Warehouse & storage
Panel beating Painting & decorating Frontline Management Hydraulics Landscaping
Spray painting Plumbing Government Locksmithing Nursery
Information technology Metal fabrication Parks & gardens
Real estate Refrigertion Turf management

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