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  • secure their place in the training course
  • be assessed for any other government apprentice support incentives
  • receive your standard commencement incentive payment* as soon as possible.
Your business may be eligible to receive
  • $4,000* per apprentice in Standard Incentives, plus potentially
  • $1,000*^ per apprentice in Rural and Regional incentives (Certificate III or IV NSNL occupation), plus potentially
  • $4,000*^ per 25 year or older apprentice (Certificate III or IV NSNL occupation).

Plus potentially a range of personal benefits for your apprentice.

*There is eligibility criteria for each of these payments, so make sure we assess your business now. MEGT (Australia) Ltd is contracted to the Australian Government to provide you with free assistance in assessing your business for eligibility for incentives and helping you with the processes and procedures involved.

^The Rural and Regional Incentive and Support for Adult Australian Apprentices (SAAA) only applies to Certificates III and IV that lead to a National Skills Needs List occupation.

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