MEGT specialises in managing apprentices and trainees

We’ve worked with and employed hundreds of thousands of apprentices and trainees since 1982.


Tap into our expertise and outsource to us the services that will help you concentrate on running your business.

  • We connect you with the MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider for assistance with Australian Apprenticeships processes.
  • We provide full service trainee and apprentice mentoring. 
  • We help you retain and manage your apprentices and trainees.
  • We organise the training for your apprentices or trainees.
  • We help make apprentice payroll easy.
  • We can help you with specialist employment and project management of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Reports show 28% of employers* are uncertain about whether or not they are doing the right thing by their apprentice in terms of pay, work conditions or on-the-job training.

MEGT can help with a whole range of apprentice support services.

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