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Up to $12,000* cash back is now available through the Victorian Back to Work Scheme when you employ an eligible job seeker through MEGT.

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If you employ an out of work apprentice or trainee who meets the Victorian Back to Work eligibility criteria, you could be rewarded with up to $12,000 cashback as a credit on your MEGT Host Employer account.

Once your new employee is on board, you could be eligible for the following funding:

Eligible Employee Cashback reward for full-time position
Long-term unemployed $12,000
Apprentices and trainees (including out-of-trade), young unemployed, retrenched workers $5,000
Other (contact us for more information) $5,000

*Terms and conditions:

  1. This Offer is open for Host Employer who have placed an apprentice or trainee with MEGT within Victoria.
  2. To be eligible for up to $12,000 Cashback Reward, the Host Employer must place an apprentice or trainee through MEGT Recruitment & Management Services who meets the definition of a ‘long term unemployed person’ as per Victorian Government guidelines at
  3. To be eligible for a $5,000 cash back, the Host Employer must sign up a Group Training apprentice or trainee from MEGT Recruitment & Management Services who meets the definition of an ‘apprentice” or “trainee” as per the Victorian Government guidelines at
  4. The Host Employer will not be entitled to the Cashback Reward unless the Host Employer has continuously employed the apprentice or trainee for a period of 9 months.
  5. The Host Employer will not be entitled to the Cashback Reward unless the Host Employer has made payments of all invoices to MEGT within their trading terms as stipulated in the Host Employer Agreement.
  6. Where eligible, the Host Employer will receive the Cashback Reward by way of credit to the Host Employer’s account with MEGT upon the receipt of funding by MEGT at the expiration of the 3 month and 9 month anniversary from commencement of the apprentice or trainee with the Host Employer.  The Cashback Reward is not redeemable for cash by the Host Employer.
  7. The Cashback Reward is not transferable or exchangeable by the Host Employer.
  8. The Cashback Reward is only available where MEGT receives Back to Work funding from the Victorian Government for the apprentice or trainee.
  9. Any liability for GST in relation to the Cashback Reward is the sole responsibility of the Host Employer.


MEGT (Australia) Ltd reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice.

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