Getting started

You’ve started your Australian Apprenticeship (your traineeship or apprenticeship) with your new employer. And you have signed your Training Contract within the first two weeks of your employment.

If you have MEGT as your Apprenticeship Network Provider or your Group Training employer, we will have registered your details with the State Training Authority (STA).

Then next step is that the STA will send you a letter confirming that your apprenticeship or traineeship has been registered.

You and your employer must ensure that you are enrolled with your chosen training organisation within the first month of starting the apprenticeship or traineeship.

A Student Enrolment Fee may need to be paid. Ask your employer if they will help you pay for this.

When this is done, you can start your training.

Three months after you have commenced you may have to sign a claim form for your employer to confirm that you are undertaking your training.

The MEGT Apprenticeship Network Provider will contact you at the 6 month point (and at 12 and 24 months for some apprentices or trainees) to find out how you are progressing.

At the same time you do your training, you will also be working on-site and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

When you finally qualify, your apprenticeship or traineeship will be completed and you will be awarded your certificate.

When you’re ready, you might decide to do the next training qualification level so that you can increase your skills, or specialise in a particular field.

You might even decide to start your own business.

We’re happy to listen to what you think you might like to do and talk through your options with you. There’s no cost involved.

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