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How it works

Start here

1. For those wishing to start a career as an apprentice or trainee with MEGT Group Training, the first step is to look at jobs available on Submit your application for the job you are interested in. (If you are still at school – see the section on Australian School-based Apprenticeships.)


2. Successful candidates are interviewed by both MEGT Group Training and the host employer.

Work ready

3. MEGT recruits the successful trainee or apprentice and provides them with appropriate work-place clothing or equipment in order to start work.

4. During the probation period MEGT provides pre-employment training and conducts a workplace assessment.


5. MEGT enrols you in, monitors and manages your training with the appropriate RTO. This training could either be done in your workplace or in a classroom.

6. Before you start work, MEGT provides you with pre-employment training including Occupational Health and Safety.

Assistance in the workplace

7. We organise and monitor the training delivery.

8. MEGT monitors you on-site once every three months and by phone in between.


9. MEGT Group Training pays you weekly and invoices the host employer weekly or monthly. The host employer only pays for the time that you work with them. We manage all administration and payments including superannuation, salary and WorkCover levy payments.

10. We pay the employee wages on a weekly basis, according to the specific requirements of your industry and manage all WorkCover claims and processes plus all other entitlements such as superannuation, tax and workplace insurance.


11. Should the host employer find there is not enough work for tou during the course of your indenture, or if it is in your best interests to gain a variety of workplace experiences, MEGT Group Training will endeavour to place you with another, suitable host employer.

Finish here

12. When you are deemed to be competent and have qualified, then you are ready for full time employment. Or you could go on to study higher qualifications in order to make yourself even more attractive as an employee.

About MEGT Group Training