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About apprenticeships and traineeships
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Government financial support
Trade Support Loans
You may be eligible for government financial support


Trade Support Loans


To support Australian Apprentices in skill shortage areas. These loans aim to support Australian Apprentices with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship.       

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Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)


The Living Away From Home Allowance is for eligible Australian Apprentices of any age during the first three years of training if you need to move away from your parental or legal guardian’s home for the first time in order to

  • take up an Australian Apprenticeship or
  • remain in an Australian Apprenticeship or
  • receive essential supplementary on-the-job training with another employer.

You also may be eligible to receive the allowance if you are undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship and you are, or become, homeless.

It is available to eligible full and part-time Australian Apprentices and Australian School-based Apprentices during the first three years of their training.

The allowance is not available to Australian Apprentices who:

  • have lodged a claim for Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY or
  • receive rental or accommodation assistance from Centrelink or their employer or
  • moved away from their parental or legal guardian’s home three months or more before starting their Australian Apprenticeship.

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Changes to the tax treatment for Living Away from Home Allowance
The Fringe Benefit Tax changes became operational from 1 October 2012 may impact on apprentices and trainees regarding their Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) and the requirement to maintain a home. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) indicates that access to the tax concession for LAFHA only now applies so long as employees ‘maintain’ a home, which presumably means they own or rent one. In many instances apprentices and trainees would not own or rent a home themselves.
Please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website or seek advice from your accountant.

Source July 2014



Support for Adult Australian Apprentices


Australian Government financial support is available for adult workers as Australian Apprentices aged 25 years and over when they commence their Australian Apprenticeship; and the qualification being undertaken is at the Certificate III or IV level and leads to an occupation that is on the National Skills Needs List (NSNL); and they meet the eligibility criteria. 

The payment is made to either the employer or the Australian Apprentice depending on the actual wage paid to the Australian Apprentice.

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Tools For Your Trade Payment

The Tools for Your Trade Payment initiative ceased on 30 June 2014. Any payments where eligibility fell due before this date will still be paid.

The Tools For Your Trade payments were available to Australian Apprentices undertaking a Certificate III or IV qualification leading to an occupation listed on the National Skills Needs List. Find out more



Access Program


The Australian Apprenticeships Access Program supports vulnerable job seekers to find and keep skilled employment in an Australian Apprenticeship, by providing pre-vocational training and job search support and post-placement support.

You may be eligible if you:

  • are an Australian resident
  • are registered for employment assistance, and
  • have particular issues with finding work or training, for example having left school early, being homeless, or being a mature-aged job seeker.

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Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring

Our aim is to support and partner you so you can stay on track with your Australian Apprenticeship. We may be able to offer you mentoring* support or just have a chat to help you work through things – at no charge.

Mentoring support is available to apprentices who:

  • are aged 16–25 years (inclusive)
  • don’t have assistance from anywhere else
  • are undertaking a qualification on the National Skills Needs List
  • are not employed by a Group Training Organisation
  • are registered through MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre
  • would benefit from contact with a Mentor.

Follow this link to find out how MEGT may be able to help you.

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Further Australian Government Assistance available for Australian Apprentices


Australian Apprentices may be eligible for income support through Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY. More information is available from Centrelink on 13 36 33.


Additional State Government bonuses and support

You may be eligible for other bonuses and support from your State Government.  Please refer to the State Government listings at the bottom of the Financial Incentives section of this website.                       Find out more

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