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Employ mature aged staff
to add value to your business

The over 45s

A mature aged worker makes a life decision when moving into a new career. As an employer, you can reap the benefits that come with a broad range of experience and life skills.

Mature aged workers can add value to your business through low absenteeism, committed loyalty, business knowledge from their previous life experience and a strong work ethic.

By assisting a mature aged worker (a person over the age of 45) to re-enter the workforce, transfer industries and train for a new vocation through an Australian Apprenticeship, employers may be eligible for a special $750 Mature Aged Worker Commencement Wage Subsidy* and, upon successful completion of the qualification, a $750 Mature Aged Worker Completion Wage Subsidy*.

*The Australian Apprentice must meet basic eligibility criteria for Australian Government incentives and must be aged 45 years or older and deemed ‘disadvantaged’ immediately prior to commencing the Australian Apprenticeship, meaning:

– receiving specific income support from Centrelink or
   Department of Veterans Affairs or
– was not in the paid workforce for minimum of three years or
– was in receipt of Intensive Support or
– had been made redundant within the last year from work.

* Subject to the Australian Apprentice not having previously been eligible for the Mature Aged Worker Australian Apprenticeships incentive.


The over 25s

Additionally, Australian Apprentices over the age of 25 commencing an apprenticeship in a trade experiencing skills shortages may be eligible to attract Support for Adult Australian Apprentices (SAAA) for either themselves (until 30 June 2015) or their employer. SAAA is a series of payments made to eligible Australian Apprentices or their employer over the first and second years of an Australian Apprenticeship.

Up to and including 30 June 2015, SAAA payments made to the full time Australian Apprentice consist of payments of $150 per week (up to $7,800 per annum) during the first year for full time workers and payments of $100 per week ($5,200 per annum) over the second year for full time workers. 

SAAA payments made to part time workers are $75 per week for the first two years (up to $7,800) and $50 per week for the second two years (up to $5,200). 

Alternatively, the SAAA payment made to the employer is a one-off payment of $4,000 payable at 12 months. Employer SAAA payments will continue from 1 July 2015.

Who the payments are made to: the employer or the Australian Apprentice, is determined based on the actual base wage' paid at the time of commencement or recommencement. However the Australian Apprentice payments will cease from 30 June 2015 and only the employer payments will continue.

Other factors (such as prior qualifications) may impact on the level of incentives you may receive.

Please note
All the incentives listed are subject to change and eligibility criteria apply. Information above is provided as a guide only.

Please contact MEGT to determine the eligibility of your business for these government incentives.


Mature aged worker
Mature aged workers can
add value to your business