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MEGT makes apprenticeships, traineeships and training happen

* You can transform your business - or your life.

* You can invest in the future of your industry.

* You can ensure income stays within your community.

All through Australian Apprenticeships and skills training. Because people are the drivers of performance.

And MEGT can help.

We have 103 offices across every state of Australia and in the ACT and one in the UK. 

  • MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre - Australian Apprenticeships Support Services

  • MEGT Apprenticeship & Traineeship Management Services - recruitment, management, payroll, mentoring and labour hire

  • MEGT Education - a Registered Training Organisation for vocational training courses and English language education

  • Workforce Planning Australia - a consultancy service to businesses for their workforce planning strategies.

And we're here to help you.

Follow this link to your local office.