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Why use the Group Training service of MEGT Recruitment & Management Services?

There are a number of key benefits to using the labour hire - or Group Training - component of MEGT's services. 

One stop shop

We act as a one-stop apprenticeship and traineeship hire and management shop right across Australia.  MEGT employs more than 1,000 apprentices and trainees, providing staff  in over 33 different industry areas.

We recruit, manage, mentor and provide pastoral care

  • We make sure it is the right fit not only for skills needs, but also for your business' culture. We will refer the best candidates available and let you decide which candidate best suits your business' needs. 

  • We organise the right training.

  • We provide the mentoring and pastoral care involved in helping a young person make the transition from school to work.

  • And if there is any reason why the apprentice or trainee needs to move, or if they will benefit from wider experience, MEGT Group Training looks for another suitable host employer.

Ensure you have the extra pair of hands you need, when you need them

It's a safety net for your business. By not carrying the apprentice or trainee on your own payroll, you have the flexibility to adjust quickly to changing marketplace environments. 

If business is slow or things just don’t work out, the employer can simply hand the trainee or apprentice back.

Reduced cost

  • We receive government grants and incentives and then apply them to reduce the cost to you.

  • Large firms can often find handy financial advantages in not having their apprentice or trainee on their own payroll.

  • You pay them only when they are earning for you – we carry the load of any personal/annual leave or time at trade school.

Save your time

  • Spend more time growing your business - not filling out paperwork. We maintain all employment, payroll and workers compensation records for you.

  • You can keep the extra pair of hands you need to grow your business, and to train them the way you want from the ground up, without risk!

MEGT Recruitment & Management Services

Listen to an employer and his apprentice discussing the benefits of Group Training by clicking on and downloading this podcast

MEGT Recruitment & Management Service's Group Training Operation complies with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations.


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