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apprenticeships and traineeships 
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Hire an MEGT Apprentice or Trainee
About Group Training
Improve apprentice employment
Why use Group Training
How it works
Industry sectors covered
Timesheet approvals

How it works

The Group Training program of MEGT Recruitment & Management Services takes the risk out of employing an apprentice or trainee. As we are the legal employer, we carry the accompanying employment risks. This program provides you with maximum employee support, enormous flexibility to respond to changing marketplace opportunities and trade and industry expertise.

In some cases, we have apprentices and trainees waiting for a new host employer and if they suit your needs, they can start right away. For other positions, we can recruit specifically to your needs. If MEGT Group Training recruits for you, we provide candidates to choose from. You make the final decision about who to hire from our shortlist. With your job description and brief, MEGT advertises, interviews and shortlists apprentices and trainees. As the prospective host employer, you interview the shortlisted candidates and select the apprentice/trainee. MEGT recruits that trainee or apprentice and provides them with appropriate work-place clothing or equipment in order to start work.

We manage all administration and payments including superannuation, salary and WorkCover levy payments.

And if you don’t need a full-time extra pair of hands, but would prefer to take on a student while still at school for less than it will cost to employ a casual, then perhaps an Australian School-based Apprentice is what you need.

These students are completing their apprenticeship or traineeship while earning credit towards their secondary school qualification – and work one or two days per week while they are doing so.

An employer can even start an Australian School-based Apprentice while at school and move them to full time once they complete their schooling – all in a hassle free, no risk way. All via MEGT Group Training.

We deal with all the time-consuming and difficult government charges, paperwork and updates for tax and superannuation.

We maintain all personnel records for the apprentice/trainee.

We organise and monitor the training delivery. MEGT enrols, monitors and manages the Australian Apprentice’ courses with the appropriate Registered Training Organisation.

Work Health and Safety
We conduct assessments to ensure compliance, and can help employers along the way with this legal minefield too.
We conduct an induction program on safe work practices and employee rights and responsibilities. During the probation period MEGT provides pre-employment training for the Australian Apprentice and conducts a workplace assessment.

Listen to what happens at the Induction

Workers' Compensation
As the legal employer of the trainee/apprentice, we handle all the Workers' Compensation paperwork. Any claims are processed against 'our' Workers' Compensation policy, and we bare the risk. We manage all WorkCover claims but you must still provide a safe work environment and meet all OH&S requirements.

We pay the employee wages on a weekly basis, according to the specific requirements of your industry and manage all WorkCover claims and processes plus all other entitlements such as superannuation, tax and workplace insurance. This frees the employer from tedious payroll tasks. 

MEGT pays the Australian Apprentice weekly and invoices the host employer weekly or monthly. The host employer only pays for the time that the Australian Apprentice works with them. You simply pay a single detailed weekly invoice. We issue itemised invoices and statements which can be emailed, faxed or posted to the employer. We have a direct debit system for the convenience of our host employers. It will save time and money issuing or mailing cheque payments.

We assist successful employment outcomes by offering problem-solving services to both the host and apprentice or trainee throughout the program. MEGT monitors the Australian Apprentice on-site once every three months and by phone in between.

Reduced employment risk
We take the apprentice or trainee back if a problem arises and seek to find an alternative host employer so the apprentice or trainee can complete their qualification. It's a safety net for both the employer and the Australian Apprentice. 

We can arrange both short and long term placements and labour hire fully qualified staff.

Growth for the future
No break fees. When the Australian Apprentice finishes their qualification, they can be given to the employer as their own staff member!

At the end of the program, we host a graduation that recognises and celebrates the achievements of our trainees and apprentices. It's a big journey for a young person - and as the host employer - you've helped them achieve a great milestone in their lives. So celebrate their achievement with us at the annual graduation.

So, from an employer’s perspective, there are a few easy steps

  • Sign an Application to Host and apprentice/trainee.
  • Select from a shortlist of candidates.
  • Approve weekly timesheets.
  • Participate in Performance Appraisals and WH&S Assessments.
  • Pay invoices.


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