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Financial incentives and benefits for Australian Apprenticeships

MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre provides an online service for its customers to track the progress of incentive payments, download forms and track the status of training for the apprentice or trainee. The MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre Online service - MAACO - can be accessed via the home page link or by following this MAACO link.

 Australian Apprenticeships Support Network


Financial incentives for training staff and for employing apprentices or trainees

If you directly employ an Australian Apprentice (apprentice or trainee), your business may be eligible for Australian Government financial incentives; and current employees may be able to access training and financial incentives in certain circumstances. MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centres administer and facilitate those payments.

The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program contains a range of incentives and personal benefits, inlcuding:

  • standard incentives
  • special and additional incentives and personal benefits where the Australian Apprentice is undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship leading to an occupation listed on the National skills Needs List and
  • other special and additional incentives and personal benefits.

Please refer to the table below.

Payment of incentives and personal benefits is subject to employers and Australian Apprentices satisfying eligibility criteria as set out in the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Guidelines.

These incentives can change from time to time and eligibility criteria applies in order to receive them. MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre staff are able to advise which incentives are relevant to your industry and business and for which you are eligible. There is no charge involved in gaining advice from MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre as it is a government funded service.

In addition to the Federal government incentives and benefits, State governments focussing on local skills shortages may also provide benefits as an encouragement to employ Australian Apprentices. These benefits vary depending on market needs to stimulate the economy. MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre staff will advise you of funding for which you may be eligible.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


Skills Needs List

The National Skills Needs List identifies trades that are deemed to be in national skill shortage based on research conducted by the Australian government.

It is used to determine elibigility for incentives and personal benefits available under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program.

For more information and assistance regarding Australian Apprenticeships, including eligibility advice on payments available under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, call MEGT on 13 MEGT (13 6348) or email

This information is current as at 1 March 2013.

*Conditions apply for all incentives listed below.


 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


Australian Government Incentives

Standard employer incentives
    Paid at (waiting periods apply)
Description Commencement Recommencement Completion
New workers as Australian Apprentices
Certificate II In a nominated equity group1(full-time and part-time placements) $1,250 nil nil
Certificate III/IV All eligible occupations2 (Full-time only) $1,500 $750 $2,500
Australian Apprenticeships in a NSNL3 occupation or AS-bA4 (full-time and part-time placements)  $1,500  $750  $2,500
Part-time Apprenticeships5 nil nil $1,500
Diploma/Advanced Diploma In Aged Care, Child Care, Disability Care Workers6 or Enrolled Nurses sectors (full-time and part-time placements) $1,500 $750 $2,500
Existing workers
Certificate III/IV In a NSNL3 occupation
(full-time and part-time placements)
$1,500 $750 $2,500
In Aged Care, Child Care, Disability Care Workers6 or Enrolled Nurses sectors
(full-time only)
nil nil $3,000
Part-time Australian Apprenticeships
in Aged Care, Child Care,
Disability Care Workers6
or Enrolled Nurses sectors
nil nil $1,500
Diploma/Advanced Diploma In Aged Care, Child Care,
Disability Care Workers6 or
Enrolled Nurses sectors
(full-time and part-time placements)
nil nil $3,000

Special and additional incentives and personal benefits
    Paid at (waiting periods apply)
Description Commencement Recommencement Completion
GTO Completion
Certificate II
Paid to Group Training
Organisations for nominated
equity groups only1
nil nil $1,000
Declared Drought Areas
Certificate II
Paid to employers7 in Declared
Drought Areas for nominated
equity groups only1
$1,500 nil $1,500
Mature Age Wage Subsidy
All AQF levels
Paid to employers of Mature Aged Workers (aged 45 or over) $750 nil $750
Australian School-based
Apprenticeships (ASbA)
All AQF levels
Paid to employers $750 nil $750 (as retention

Further special and additional incentives and personal benefits
  Amount Paid at
Assistance for Australian
Apprentices with Disability
Paid to the employer $104.30 Per week – Wage Support8
Paid to Registered Training
Organisation. Paid for
off-the-job tutorial, Mentor
and Interpreter
$38.50 Per hour (up to $5,500 per year)
Living Away From
Home Allowance
Paid to the Australian

(Find out about the effects on taxation.)
$77.17 Per week 1st year rate
$38.59 Per week 2nd year rate
$25.00 Per week 3rd year rate

Special and additional incentives and personal benefits where the Australian Apprentice
is undertaking a Certificate III or IV level qualification leading to an occupation listed on the NSNL3
  Amount Paid at
Support for
Adult Australian Apprentices
(aged 25 or over)

Paid to the Australian Apprentice9


$150 per week
(up to $7,800)
First year full-time
$75 per week,
(up to $7,800)
First two years part-time
$100 per week
(up to $5,200)
Second year full-time
$50 per week
(up to $5,200)
Second two years part-time
Paid to the employer9 $4,000 One-off payment payable at
12 months
Rural and Regional
Skills Shortage
Paid to the employer $1,000 Paid at commencement
(waiting periods apply)


Other support for the Australian Apprentice
Amount Paid at

Trade Support Loans

(subject to approved application)

Paid to the Australian Apprentice undertaking Cert III or IV qualification that leads to an occupation listed on the Trade Support Loans Priority List
Cert II-IV agricultural qualification
Cert II-IV horticulture qualification in rural or regional Australia.
Up to $20,000 (lifetime limit)

Paid monthly over the term of the Australian Apprenticeship

Find out more.

Tools For Your Trade

The Tools for Your Trade Payment initiative ceased on 1 July 2014. Any scheduled payments due on or before 30 June 2014 will still be paid. Any payments scheduled for 1 July 2014 or onwards will not be paid.

Find out more.


1 Nominated equity groups

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Australian Apprentices with a disability
  • Australian School-based Apprentices
  • Mature aged Australian Apprentices (45+)
  • Australian Apprentices working in a rural or remote area
  • Job seekers with severe barriers to employment (Job Services Australia Stream 4 clients)

2 Eligible occupations are determined subject to meeting Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program (AAIP) Guidelines.
3 NSNL is an occupation on the National Skills Needs List.
4 AS-bA is an Australian School-based Apprenticeship.
5 Where the Australian Apprentice does not meet the part-time eligibility criteria listed in the other completion incentive rates.
6 The inclusion of Disability Care Workers as a priority area for all Certificate levels including Diploma and Advanced Diploma effective 1 July 2013.
7 Available to primary producers who hold a current Exceptional Circumstances Certificate.
8 Part-time paid at a proportion of the full-time rate.
9 The recipient of SAAA is determined based on the 'actual base wage'* paid to the Australian Apprentice at the date of commencement or recommencement.
*The National Minimum Wage is set by Fair Work Australia and may change from time to time.

Employers and Australian Apprentices entering into a Training Contract may be eligible for a range of Australian Government employer incentives and personal benefits. Payments available are payable in respect of an Australian Apprentice whose employment and training arrangements are formally approved by the State Training Authority and the criteria for the payment is met.

Criteria apply for all incentives. Information current as at 13 August 2014. *Conditions apply.
This is a guide only and subject to change without notice


 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


State Government assistance

NEW SOUTH WALES Exemption from Workers Compensation Insurance premiums – Apprentices

Employers may receive exemptions from workers compensation premiums for their apprentices through the Apprentice Incentive Scheme. This
exemption is not
available to employers of trainees.
Visit for more information.

  Continuing Apprentices Placement Service (CAPS ) CAPS is a free service which allows employers
who are looking for an
apprentice or trainee in
a skills shortage
occupation, to access details
apprentices and trainees who have recently
lost their job because of the
economic downturn.
Visit and
   Payroll tax rebates
The Office of State Revenue administers an
offset rebate scheme for approved apprentices
and new entrant trainees. Rebates are provided
by allowing the amount of the rebate to be offset
against monthly payroll tax payments.
Visit for more information

NEW SOUTH WALES  Travel concessions  Eligible first, second and third year apprentices
and new entrant trainees
may be entitled to a
Concession Card. More information is
available at
  Rebate on car registration for apprentices  First and second year apprentices may be elibigle
to receive a rebate on their car registration.
Continuing apprentice placement service Apprentices and trainees in skills shortages
occupations and affected by economic downturn
may register their details for a free job matching
service. Visit and
Chifley Scholarship

Information on Chifley Scholarships for Apprentices
who live and work in country NSW can be found


The Way Ahead Program for Aboriginal People

The Way Ahead for Aboriginal People mentoring
program is a free service f
or Aboriginal apprentices and trainees who need additional support in the
workplace. Visit
for more information.

Travel and accommodation assistance Apprentices and new entrant trainees may be
eligible for travel and
accommodation assistance
if they
need to travel more than 120 kms round
trip to attend day or block release with their
registered training organisation.
More information
is available at

Trade Readiness program


TAFE NSW provides a five day ‘Trade Readiness’ program to help young people make informed decisions about which apprenticeship is right for them.
For more information, please visit

Smart and Skilled program

Subsidised training commence from 1 January 2015 for student entitlements up to Certificate III.
More information about Smart and Skilled is available at:

Regional scholarship

A Scholarship is available in NSW to provide financial assistance to eligible country NSW apprentices to support their apprenticeship training.  At least 10 Scholarships are awarded each year.  At least two of these are awarded to apprentices of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.
$5,000 for each year the apprentice is completing training to a maximum of $15,000.
Eligibility includes apprentices who are:

  • in the 1st year of an approved apprenticeship
  • resident in country NSW for the term of their apprenticeship
  • whose apprenticeship is registered in NSW under the
  • Apprenticeship & Traineeship Act 2001
  • preferably working in a skill shortage category in NSW and or the apprentice’s local area.

Contact your local MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre for more information.

ACT Payroll Tax exemptions To find which wages are exempt from ACT
payroll tax vi

ACT Travel and accommodation
allowance assistance
Some Australian Apprenticeships qualifications
not delivered by any ACT Registered
Training Organisation (RTO) and Australian
Apprentices must travel
interstate to undertake
their off-the-job
training. This is usually delivered
blocks of time rather than the usual one day
per week and is called
Interstate Training
(Block Release).
Eligible Australian Apprentices
entitled to a contribution towards the cost
of travel and accommodation
to assist them to
attend off-the-job
training interstate.
For more
information visit

QUEENSLAND Payroll Tax exemptions

The Office of State Revenue offers an incentive
rebate to encourage employers to keep or
increase their employment of apprentices and
trainees. Wages paid to apprentices and new
entrant trainees are generally exempt from
payroll tax.The rebate applies to the 2009/10,
2010/11 and 2011/12 financial years, however
for information on the 2012/13 financial year,
please v
isit for more

Queensland Apprenticeship Pledge

$6,000 additional employer incentives for additional apprentices pledged, employed and retained.
Paid in two installments

  • $4,000 paid in October 2015 and
  • $2,000 paid in October 2016.

Qualifying period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2014. Read full details here.

QUEENSLAND Travel and accommodation
Apprentices and trainees (not including school-
based) may be eligible for travel and
accommodation assistance where they are
required to travel at least 100 kms (return trip)
to attend training at the closest RTO to their
residence. For more information visit
Registered Trade Skills Pathway Construction Pilot Program This program offers existing workers recognition of their trade related skills, competencies and training gained outside of an apprenticeship towards a Certificate III trade qualification.

The pilot program is for Queensland labourers and assistants currently working in bricklaying, carpentry, painting, plastering or tiling trades.

For more information visit:

Fee-free training

Year 12 graduates can access fee-free training for Certificate III apprenticeships or traineeships in high priority areas from January 2014 under the Real Opportunities Action Plan.

Follow this link for more information:

SOUTH AUSTRALIA WorkCover exemption

Visit for more information

SOUTH AUSTRALIA Accommodation and Travel Allowance Accommodation and travel allowance
may be available to apprentices and trainees
who reside in a nonmetropolitan area if they must travel a round trip in excess of 150 kms to the venue of the closest RTO able to deliver the training.
More information is available at

VICTORIA WorkCover exemption or phone
1800 136 089

VICTORIA Apprentice Trade Bonus - ceases after 30 June 2013 Apprentices undertaking a traditional
trade apprenticeship may be eligible for
a Bonus
payment. This $250 Bonus payment is made at the 6 month and 12 month stages of an apprenticep and will continue to be paid to those apprentices who began their apprenticeship prior to 30 June 2013. However the Bonus program will not be available for apprentices who commence from 1 July 2013 onwards.  
More information is
available at or or by ringing 1300 855 282.
Accommodation allowance

Apprentices and new entrant trainees may be entitled to an accommodation allowance if they are attending TAFE or a private RTO on consecutive days and the location of the RTO is remote from where they usually live. For further information contact the RTO delivering the training.

Travel allowance

Support is provided for regional apprentices who are required to travel 100km or more to undertake block release training at a training provider remote from their home.

For more information, visit

Apprenticeship Support Officers Mentoring support, provided by ASOs,
is available for first year apprentices
under the age of 24.
More information is
available at
Funding for vocational training for school students Students enrolled in a school and undertaking a school based apprenticeship or traineeship can be eligible to access subsidised vocational training under the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG).



Payroll Tax exemptions

Find full details on

Mentoring support MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centres
are able to provide mentoring support
to eligible apprentices. Contact your
local Consultant for more information.
Travel and Accommodation Allowance

Apprentices and trainees undertaking
training funded by the Department of
Education and Training may be
to access travel and/or
There is a minimum round
trip distance
which must be travelled
to claim
Find full details on

TASMANIA Payroll Tax exemption

TASMANIA Accommodation and Travelling Allowances

Travel and accommodation allowances
are payable to apprentices and trainees
who are required to travel either within
Tasmania or interstate to attend
structured training.
More information is available at

Tasmanian Jobs Programme 2014

Additional employment incentive of $3,250.

  • Total amount payable is $3250 and would be paid in addition to eligible standard Australian Apprenticeships incentives.
  • New starter must have been on Newstart Allowance for 6 months
  • Employment must be full time and for at least 6 months.
  • Employers will attract the payment for each person employed subject to the above criteria
  • Payments are made $250 per fortnight.
  • Limited to 2000 job seekers hired by a Tasmanian business.

The information above is valid as at 1 December 2013.

 Australian Apprenticeship Support Network


Please call your local MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre on 13 MEGT (13 6348)

Make a time for one of our Consultants to visit your workplace to determine your eligibility for government incentives. This is an Australian government funded service. MEGT's Australian Apprenticeships Centre assists you with all the processes required in employing an apprentice or trainee, providing advice on training options and assisting with Training Contract signup and lodgements.

 MEGT makes apprenticeships, traineeships and training happen. 




MEGT (Australia) Ltd trading as MEGT is an Australian Apprenticeships Centre contracted to the Australian Government through the Department of Industry to provide Australian Apprenticeships Support Services to employers and Australian Apprentices. MEGT is one of a number of Australian Apprenticeships Centres. This website does not represent the Australian Government. If you wish to access information about Australian Apprenticeships from the Australian Government, please call 13 38 73 or  visit  the website: 

Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Guidelines and Appendices may be viewed on the Department of Industry website.
Australian Apprenticeships are an Australian Government initiative.