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About MEGT 
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MEGT supports employment skills

Your future : our business

MEGT (Australia) Ltd works with businesses throughout their human resource management cycle: from planning, to recruiting, to managing, developing and separation.

  • planning for appropriate workforce skills
  • assistance with Australian Apprenticeships processes
  • apprentice and trainee recruitment
  • apprentice mentoring and management
  • apprentice and trainee payroll management
  • on-hiring of apprentices 
  • employment and placement of apprentices and trainees through Group Training
  • Indigenous apprenticeship and traineeship employment and project management
  • vocational education and training at certificate and diploma level
  • English language training
  • mentoring of trade apprentices facing challenges in their first year
  • business management training and business mentoring for apprentices starting up their first business.

MEGT organisation Profile
 MEGT (Australia) Ltd organisation profile

Background on the business 

MEGT (Australia) Ltd was established in 1982 and is a not-for-profit organisation.

We can help businesses

  • prepare for the current and future skills needs of their business, identify current and future workforce requirements and develop strategies to integrate plans into the business through workforce planning
  • prepare for growth by employing new staff through apprenticeships and traineeships and increasing the skills of their existing staff
  • manage the employment of their apprentices and trainees with our online payroll services
  • manage the processes involved in Government financial support for training apprentices and trainees.

We can help job seekers make themselves more employable, gain additional skills, find a job.

We can help existing workers gain additional career skills.

We can help students improve their life options through English language education and nationally accredited training courses.

Our services

We provide these services through the following Divisions. 

MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre

MEGT Recruitment and Management Services

MEGT Indigenous Apprenticeship & Traineeship Network

MEGT Education

Workforce Planning Australia

MEGT United Kingdom

MEGT has offices in every state of Australia and the ACT and in the UK employing local people with local, state and federal expertise.



 MEGT is

big enough to support you
small enough to know you